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LIFE NOTES limited release
April 17th, 24


The Peppos & Jones Band -

rush released a very limited edition (40 copies) so we would have some for sale on Record Store Day Saturday April 20th at Birdland Records, Tapes & Compact Discs at the Providence Square Shopping Center in Va. Beach 8-7:30 PM and Sunday 12-4:30. Thanks so much for your support of 50/80 and hopefully you can come by this weekend .  Bob

50/80 Release

January - 12 - 2020


50 Years in 80 Minutes


DOUBLE ALBUM, 25 songs, Now on 180g VINYL, Numbered LIMITED EDITION


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There is a book worth of stories about these songs.  This album represents portions of 50 years of the musical life of Bob Jones, Louis Jones & Stephen Peppos.

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50/80  50 Years in 80 Minutes

The details by Executive Producer Robert C. Jones

In these descriptions Bob or Me refers to Bob Jones, Louis refers to Louis Jones, and Steve refers to Stephen Peppos.

1. Love App- A tongue in cheek look at modern romance from a "different" point of view 2019 by Peppos & Jones Straitjacket Band

2. Springtime Lady- New Directions second attempt at recording an original song in 1968 written by Louis released as a single on Nottingham called a "Great Song" by legendary music critic Chris Hodenfield of "Go" and "Rolling Stone" magazines


3. Humanity 75- I wrote this one thinking of my role as a public school teacher trying to make the world a better place released as a single in 1975 on Straitjacket records. We were shocked when a Los Angeles DJ called it his #1 Discovery of the Year for 2015 forty years after it was recorded .


4. Flying House - written and performed by Steve as a theme song for an international television program-covered on you tube by others


5. Andromeda- written by Louis recorded as a demo with Steve on Mellotron with a spacey beautiful feel


6. Find a Rental- example of jingles we recorded circa 1979


7. Fade Away- a Louis song recorded at home with background vocals by Steve another haunting song with great lyrics.


8. Hang on in There Baby- Lyrics me, Music Steve, 2019 New recording is an uplifting song reminding us that " only those who attempt the absurd are capable of achieving  the impossible, Our first you tube video from 50/80 is this one.


9. High School Years #2- a nostalgic look at high school life including school names in the Tidewater Va. area written by Steve & Bob in 1981 released as a single. The voice change in the vocals was intended to sound gradually older as he matures through high school.


10. Too much to Bear- A very early Stingrays recording written by Dan Rohr and Bob never released.


11. Lalena - New Directions recording from 1970 released as a single on Nottingham records. Record companies were asking us for more material after Springtime Lady and the best we could do at the time were a couple of cover tunes with an interesting
 arrangement including our three piece horn section and showing the wonderful production skills of Warren Miller of Studio Center in Norfolk.


12. I've Gotta Sing My Song written by me released as a single in 1974 on Happiness records based on a true life adventure


13. A Christmas Carol-  written by Louis and me recorded on a home recorder based on a true story that occurred in England
 about a man who claimed to be Christ.


14. Baby Boomers Anthem-  My generation always thought of themselves as different . This song written by Steve and Bob reinforces that idea. Be patient millennials , generations X and Y; we're not done yet.


15. Look Through any Window - A New Stingrays cover song originally recorded by the Hollies featuring Barry Scott on guitar and harmony vocals.


16. Garage Medley - Features portions of Frank Guida recordings of Springtime Lady and Swalabr as well as 3 cover tunes one by the Directions and two by New Directions -all recorded live


17. Kicks- Stingrays cover tune featuring Jimmy Purcell making his six string guitar sound like a 12 string.


18. Love gives Us A Son- beautiful song written and performed by Louis on his home recorder describing his feelings after finding out his wife was pregnant.


19. X135 Song- promotional song written for WKLX radio most requested song for weeks but never released


20. Superbook- Another television theme song written and performed by Steve


21. Swalabr- Another New Directions 45 released in 1969 with 6 young teenagers trying to sound like a rock and roll band


22. High School Years #1-  A nostalgic look at High School Life released as a single in 1975 written by Steve and Bob with an intro recorded live in a high school hallway with" I've Gotta Sing my Song" playing in the background


23. We Gotta get Out Of This Place- Another Stingrays cover tune with Larry Lambert on keyboard and backing vocals and Bill Taylor on bass.

24. Humanity Remastered a 2019 remix of my song from 1975


25. Why Me- features Randy Pope performing a song written by Steve originally for a film theme song but the film was never finished. Randy was one of the great talents to come out of the 757 and his brother Peter Pope is still a force in the 757 music scene

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